Did you know?

Capitol Hill is the unofficial birthplace of Denver's preservation movement. Following the 1970s demolition of the Moffat Mansion (at 8th and Grant) Historic Denver, Inc. was created by concerned citizens in time to save another of our city's precious historic homes, that of the "unsinkable" Margaret Brown.

Financial Incentives

Restoring or rehabilitating a historic structure requires planning, a love of challenges, and financing! 

Tax Credits
Designated historic properties can be eligible for preservation tax credits. These credits can significantly reduce the cost of restoration and rehabilitation. A 20% federal tax credit is available to commercial properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A 20-25% Colorado state tax credit is available to both income-producing and residential property-owners of properties listed on either the National Register of Historic Places, State Register of Historic Places or locally designated through a Certified Local Government, like the City of Denver. Buildings that contribute to a historic district are also eligible.  Learn more about the different options here.

State Historical Fund
The State Historical Fund (SHF) is a unique program of the Colorado Historical Society that funds a wide range of preservation projects across the State of Colorado, including restoration construction efforts. SHF grant funds are generated from the state tax revenues produced by gaming in the historic mining towns of Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek.

Since grant applicants to the SHF must be either a non-profit organization or public entity, and the proposed project must be able to demonstrate a public benefit, SHF grants are not a good option for the restoration of a private residence. Private owners of buildings open to the public or otherwise offering a public benefit may apply for a grant with the sponsorship of an eligible non-profit. Historic Denver has successfully applied for and managed dozens of SHF grants on behalf of private and non-profit owners. Please visit the State Historical Fund’s website to learn more about the available grant types, application process and grant regulations here.

To learn about how Historic Denver may be able to apply for and/or manage a grant on behalf of your organization, please contact our Director of Preservation Programs, John Olson by phone at 303-534-5288 ext. 4 or by email at jolson@historicdenver.org.

Historic Denver's Action Fund
In 2015 Historic Denver Created an Action Fund designed to support neighborhood and community groups with preservation projects.  This program is not for individual or bricks and mortar projects, but is designed to support projects that honor and sustain historic character in our City.  The application deadline is September 1.  Learn more here.

Other Funding Sources

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has several other ideas for funding a range of project types for different types of owners. Visit their website here to learn more.

Historic Denver currently does not offer direct assistance in funding preservation projects.