Did you know?

Capitol Hill is the unofficial birthplace of Denver's preservation movement. Following the 1970s demolition of the Moffat Mansion (at 8th and Grant) Historic Denver, Inc. was created by concerned citizens in time to save another of our city's precious historic homes, that of the "unsinkable" Margaret Brown.


A preservation easement is an interest in real property that the owner of the property transfers to a qualified organization such as Historic Denver, Inc. (or to a governmental body). To be eligible, the property must be historically designated either at the local, state or national level. An easement prohibits the demolition of the property and any modifications that will harm its historic character, and also requires that the property be maintained in good condition. Preservation easements are a powerful tool for protecting a historic property because an easement "runs with the land" – meaning it is perpetual and remains in place when the property is sold.

Its important to note- easements are not the same thing as historic designation.  Easements are an additional tool a property owner may elect to use to protect a building, and each easement is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  Easements are never automatically placed on any property but are given voluntarily by the owner.  Easements cannot be placed on entire historic districts.

Historic Denver currently holds over 60 easements in the Denver metro area.  While Historic Denver is not a regulatory agency and is not involved in design review of local landmarks, we do have an obligation to ensure the general upkeep of these particular easement properties.  In order to fulfill the conditions of the easement, Historic Denver conducts annual inspections of our easement properties in order to ensure that they are in good condition and have not been altered. Our experienced staff identifies areas of concern and recommends preservation approaches, materials and contractors for any needed work.  

If you would like to train to become an easement inspector, please contact us.  Inspections are generally conducted biennially,  between May and September.

Historic Denver's Easement Properties:
430 Years Church of God in Christ, 701 East 23rd Avenue
American National Bank, 500 Harrison Avenue
Asbury United Methodist Church, 2205 West 30th Street
Barth Hotel, 1510 17th Street
Bethany Swedish Lutheran Church, 205 West 5th Avenue
Central Presbyterian Church, 1660 Sherman Street
Chamber Lofts, 1742 Champa
Clock Tower, 2519 Walnut
Courtyard by Marriot(Tritch Building), 934 16th Street
Croke-Paterson-Campbell Mansion, 428-430 East 11th Avenue
Curtis-Grave Home, 1111 Humboldt
Eisenhower Memorial Chapel, 2nd & Roslyn
El-Jebel Shrine Temple, 1770 Sherman
Elitch's Theatre, 4600 West 37th Place
Fisher Mansion, 1600 & 1620 Logan
Flower-Vaille House, 1610 Emerson
Foster-McCauley-Symes House, 738 Pearl
Gargoyle-Zang House, 1532 Emerson
H.H. Thomas House, 2104 Glenarm Place
Hangar 61, 21st Street & Central Park Blvd.
Henry H. Tammen House, 1061 Humboldt
Hotel Teatro, 1110 14th Street
Ideal Cement Company, 821 17th Street
John Porter House, 777 Pearl
Joshel House, 220 South Dahlia
Kistler-Rodriguez House, 700 East 9th Avenue
Malo Mansion, 500 East 8th Avenue
Mayfair Building, 2543 California
McKinley Mansion/ Campbell House, 950 Logan
Midwest Iron Works, 25 Larimer
Mouat House, 1750 Gilpin
Norman Condominums, 99 South Downing
Ochiltree Block, 2935 Zuni
Our Merciful Savior (All Saints Episcopal Church), 2222 West 32nd Avenue
Pennborough Condominums, 1165 Pennsylvania
Ray Apartments, 1550 &1560 Ogden
Richthofen Castle, 7020 East 12th Avenue
Rockmount Ranch Wear, 1626 Wazee Street
Sanctuary Lofts/ Scotts Methodist Church, 2201 Ogden
Sculptured House, 24591 Ski Hill Drive
Sheedy Mansion, 1115 Grant Street
Sherman School (Art Students League of Denver), 200 Grant
Skerrit House, 3560 South Bannock
South Broadway Christian Church, 23 Lincoln
Sweet-Miller House, 1075 Humboldt
Sykes-Nicholson-Moore House, 1410 High Street
Tears-McFarlane House, 1290 Williams
Temple Emanuel, 1595 Pearl Street
Ten Winkle Building, 404-410 West 12th Avenue
Thomas Hornsby Ferril House, 2123 Downing Street
Treat Hall East, 18th Avenue and Pontiac Street
Voorhees House, 1471 Stuart Street
Weir Building, 2401-2413 32nd Avenue
Weir Building, 3209 - 3215 Zuni Street
Zall House, 5401 East 6th Avenue