2016 Action Fund Applications are Due September 1, 2016.  Interested in applying?  Read the description below and call 303-534-5288 ext. 1 for more information.

Historic Denver Action Fund
2016 Program Description & Application

June 2016- Historic Denver is proud to once again accept applications for our Action Fund program, designed to catalyze innovative neighborhood and community projects that enhance the city’s unique identity, promote and maintain authentic character, and honor cultural heritage as reflected in the built environment. Through the Action Fund Historic Denver will select one to three community or neighborhood projects each year.  Projects will receive technical assistance, staff support and direct financial investment from Historic Denver, ranging from $2,500 to $10,000. Projects will be selected through an annual competitive application process.

Examples of Eligible Projects:
• Development of a conservation or design overlay district
• Development of design guidelines
• Historic and architectural resource survey (if neighborhood has not been surveyed through Discover Denver or requires more extensive survey)
• Publications or educational tools and related marketing
• Research and writing of historic district applications
• Neighborhood planning exercises that relate specifically to the built environment
• Reuse studies to identify potential new uses or business model for a languishing local landmark
• Other innovative, place-based projects focusing on the historic built environment

Ineligible Projects:
• Capital construction, restoration or rehabilitation
• Historic Structure Assessments
• Traffic or parking studies
• Projects that benefit only a single property-owner and lack a wide community impact
• Heritage projects that do not include a focus on the built environment
• Projects that are currently funded and open with the Colorado State Historical Fund

Eligible applicants will be located in the City & County of Denver and include:
• Neighborhood-based or related non-profit organizations, including educational institutions
• Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs)
• Other civic or cultural organizations with at least 5 members
• Volunteer Committees of at least 5 members, with an endorsement from an RNO, City Councilmember or non-profit organization

Applicants must also:
• Raise matching funds of at least 25% of the project cost within the first quarter of the project, to be held for project purposes by Historic        Denver
• Appoint a project leader to serve as the liaison with Historic Denver
• Appoint a project Steering Committee with at least four members
• Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Historic Denver outlining the project’s scope of work and roles and responsibilities
• Commit to quarterly meetings throughout the course of the project
• Commit to completing the project within a 24 month period
• Complete a final project report

Application Process:
Historic Denver will accept project applications once each year. In 2016 applications are due (and must be received) by 5:00 pm on September 1. Application instructions and forms are available below. Applications can be submitted electronically using the form below, e-mailed to info@historicdenver.org or mailed or delivered to 1420 Ogden Street, Suite 202, Denver, CO 80218. Applications must include a completed application form, evidence of eligibility, and three letters of support.

Selection Criteria:
• Strong relationship to the historic built environment
• Innovative and creative approach
• Community-wide impact
• Strong grassroots involvement and support
• Likeliness of successful implementation within a 24 month period
• Ability to generate matching funds
• Relationship to other Historic Denver initiatives and priorities

The Action Fund is not a grant program. Historic Denver will retain the funds for each project and release the funds directly to cover expenses related to the effort, such as consultant or contractor fees. Funds will not be given to private citizens or property owners.
A six member selection committee will review all applications and make a recommendation to historic Denver’s Board of Trustees. Historic Denver retains the right to select projects at its sole discretion, and may elect to select no projects in any given year.

All applicants are encouraged to contact Historic Denver before submitting an application.  Questions can be directed to Historic Denver, Inc. 303-534-5288 or info@historicdenver.org.