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Replacing your windows will likely not produce the dramatic cost savings and comfort improvements boasted by many manufacturers?  In fact, if you already have a storm window on your existing windows, replacing your windows may only reduce your current energy bills by a few dollars per window per year!  


WHY WINDOWS?  Windows have been targetted by many homeowners and window replacement companies as the principal culprits for energy loss in a home.  This is a concern for those who are interested in maintaining the character of our homes and communities, and often does not produce the advertised reduction in heating and cooling bills.  The goal of this workshop is to educate homeowners on the real numbers behind window replacement, and shows that a well maintained historic window with a storm can be comparable with a modern replacement.  

A copy of the seminar is available below along with additional resources and videos covering common window issues.

PDF of Window Presentation

Additional Window Resources (PDF 341KB)


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