Did you know?

In the 1880s, Alamo Placita Park began its first of many incarnations as a water park called The Chutes. Its star attractions were Professor Barnes’ herd of diving elk, who dove from platforms into water tanks, and local celebrity Sadie Boynton, who would daredevil down the chutes on a bicycle!


Misconceptions about historic preservation are addressed in this lively workshop that always garners lots of questions and comments!  Historic designation and tax credits are addressed, and participants will leave with a greater knowledge of how preservation benefits them and their communities.

Click HERE for a copy of the Arvada seminar! (PDF 2.94MB)

Click HERE for a copy of the Littleton seminar! (PDF 2.17MB)

Click HERE for a copy of the Krisana Park and Lynwood seminar! (PDF 2.49MB)

Click HERE for a copy of the Curtis Park seminar! (PDF 5.31MB)

Video is available from our presentation in Arvada.  Please click below to see more.

PART 1: Seminar introduction, brief overview of the history of Arvada

PART 2: Introduction to historic preservation, What is historic preservation, misconceptions, benefits of nominating a property or district, federal and state historic preservation tax credits

PART 3: Basics of Historic Preservation Continued, more on tax credits, historic preservation grants, beneficial effects of historic preservation on property values, heritage tourism, economic benefits of rehabilitation and historic preservation, job creation

PART 4: Responsibilities following designation.  Please click for PDF.