16th Street Walking Tour - Docent Resources

Notice we are calling this tour "16th Street Walking Tour" not 16th Street Mall. This is because the tour is about the street and how it has evolved over time, the design of the Mall is one portion of the tour.


The content on this page includes book titles, links to additional information to read on particular buildings, architectural styles, people, and information relating to 16th Street area of downtown. There are a lot of links and I tried to organize them by building or area of interest. But I have included all the links that Chris Musselman used while researching and creating this tour, in case you want to read further details about certain areas of the tour. Since there were so many links I had to upload it as a word document and pdf for you to download and use at home. Please let me know if you have issues with this.

*Note: I have included some of the wikipedia links sent to me, but remember with these pages always double check any information you want to use from these sources!! If there are any of these sources that the information seems a bit off, please cross reference the information

Books to reference for 16th Street Tour

Guide to Denver Architecture, Mary Chandler
Images of America: Denver’s Sixteenth Street, Mark A. Barnhouse
Denver: The City Beautiful, Tom Noel
Getting to Know Denver: Five Fabulous Walking Tours, Francis J. Pierson

Read the front page article in the Summer 2016 HD News edition about the 16th Street Mall HERE.

Document with Online Links to Read:

Click HERE for the word document and HERE for the pdf document.

The order in which these buildings or areas of interest are listed do not follow along with the tour route exactly.