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Investment activity is SEVEN times greater in Denver's historic neighborhoods. Every $1M in preservation investment creates 32 jobs. Preservation investments between 1981-2010 in Colorado generated $2.4B in direct and indirect economic benefits. Heritage tourism contributes nearly $250M annually.

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Know It. Love It. One Building at a Time.


Welcome to Discover Denver

Discover Denver is a building and neighborhood survey meant to identify historic and architecturally significant structures citywide. Historic Denver, Inc. leads this collaborative project in partnership with the City and County of Denver and History Colorado. The survey gathers information using public records, neighborhood canvassing, academic research, and tips from the public. Findings will be accessible online so that everyone can learn about Denver’s past — building by building.


Discover Denver’s mission is threefold: to identify the places that matter to Denver’s history (Know It), to share the value of these historic resources to promote public pride and awareness (Love It) and to encourage a culture of reinvestment (One Building at a Time). 

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