Did you know?

Capitol Hill is the birthplace of Denver's preservation movement. Following the 1970s demolition of the Moffett Mansion Historic Denver, Inc. was created by concerned citizens in time to save another of our city's precious historic homes, the Molly Brown House.

Community Activism

Preservation of a historic building, neighborhood or landscape does not happen without the passion, initiative, and personal commitment of the community. Become involved! You can help to secure your community's future in several ways:

1) Join Historic Denver so that we have the resources to provide technical assistance, advocacy and direct support to preservation efforts.

2) Work with your neighbors on a historic district or conversation district.

3) Get involved trying to save a particular building or site, and notify Historic Denver of your concerns.  

4) Join your neighborhood association and become actively involved with the decisions that affect the quality of life in your neighborhood.  Click here to find your Denver neighborhood association.

5) Contact your Councilperson to engage them in a specific concern or to emphasize your general support for historic preservation as a community priority. Click here to find your district’s Councilperson.

You can also contact Historic Denver anytime by e-mailing info@historicdenver.org or calling 303-534-5288.