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On September 17, 2015 Historic Denver launched the public phase of the Investing in Action for the Places You Love Capital and Capacity Campaign to start a bold new era of impact in Denver. As Denver continues to grow, it's important now more than ever to foster a love for the city's unique identity. During the campaign's quiet phase the organization raised $1.5 million, and since launching the public phase has raised another $350,000.  Between Colorado Day (August 1) and Colorado Gives Day (December 6) the organization seeks to raise the remaining $150,000.

You can make a donation using the link above or you can pledge your commitment, with payments over three years, by calling 303-534-5288 ext. 7.

What is this campaign about?

Historic Denver is the organization for those who love Denver. After 45 years of preservation ideas and action in Denver, the organization is now expanding to include new spaces at its flagship property, the Molly Brown House Museum, and new programs that will promote creative ideas and actions that honor the dynamic between past, present, and future in Denver.

Historic Denver is now turning to the community to help us make our goals a reality. The goals of the campaign are:

to inspire new audiences to be passionate about Denver and its unique identity,

generate conversation about the dynamic between the past, present and future

support innovative action on behalf of historic resources,

and uphold the 1889 Molly Brown House Museum, as an example of premier historic stewardship.

What's happening to the Molly Brown House Museum?

The Molly Brown House Museum has had over two million visitors since opening in 1970. That's four million feet that have walked through the front door and wandered the halls of the iconic 126-year-old structure while taking in the stories and discussions surrounding Margaret "Molly" Brown's life. After 40 years without any major restoration work, Historic Denver thought it was time for the Molly Brown House Museum to receive a much-deserved facelift!

$1 million of the funds raised by the campaign will support the restoration of the iconic front porch, carriage house roof, stained glass windows and more. Museum staff has also been working hard at moving the stored collections in the basement and the third floor to off-site storage so that these spaces can be opened to the public, offering additional stories and interpretation about themes such as the Browns' servants so that visitors can see that not all stories were rags-to-riches adventures like Mrs. Brown's.

The Museum will also get a new amenities such as an ADA compliant wheelchair accessible lift, additional family restrooms, public storage space, a curator's workroom visible to the public, and a brand new Education Center where school groups can gather for the Museum's acclaimed onsite educational programs.

What's happening to Historic Denver?

It's not just the Molly Brown House Museum that will receive a facelift- Historic Denver is expanding preservation programs by launching an innovative new Action Fund to engage and inspire new audiences to think creatively about historic preservation in Denver. This will be done through direct investment in community projects, selected through an annual competitive process, as well as through a design competition, expanding walking tours around the city, and new forums on the future of our built environment.

You can see some of the new Action Fund projects in person- Historic Denver is hosting reDenver interactive forums in October and November, and again in January, Feburary, and March. Historic Denver also launched a brand new Walking Tours program in July 2014, and expanded the program in 2015 with plans to add a new walking tour in 2016. For more information about the walking tour program, click here.

What about the organization's future?

To plan for unexpected maintenance at the Molly Brown House Museum or periods of economic uncertainty, Historic Denver is creating a Legacy Fund special reserve fund. The money in the Legacy Fund will be saved for future capital needs at the Molly Brown House Museum and to secure Historic Denver’s 61 preservation easements, as well assist in the ongoing operational needs of Historic Denver’s preservation programming.

For more information about the Investing in Action for the Places You Love Capital and Capacity Campaign, call Sigri Strand, Development Associate, at 303-534-5288 ext 7. or email at

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To download the organization's Case for Support, please click here.

Major Campaign Donors and Above

Lead Donors | $100,000 +

Historic Denver Board of Trustees*
Historic Denver Board Alumni*
Natural Resource Donors*
Lanny & Sharon Martin
Robert Musgraves | Joan Prusse
Colorado State Historical Fund

*Collective Gifts

Benefactor Donors | $50,000 - $99,999

Gates Family Foundation
Dennis Humphries
Newmont Mining Corporation

Patron Donors | $25,000 - $49,000

The Anschutz Foundation
Boettcher Foundation
Karen Brody and Michael Hughes
Tom and Suzanne Coxhead
Estate of Maxine E. Johnson
Pam Mahonchak
Robert Musgraves | Joan Prusse Challenge Response Gifts
Larry Nelson and Ruth Falkenberg
David and Stephanie Tryba
Carol Burt & Ray Hilliard
Byron White | Milender White Construction

Major Donors | $10,000 - $24,999

Paul and Lacey Books
Chambers Family Fund
David Cohen
Tom and Noey Congdon
Michael and Anne Coughlin
Dr. S. Robert and Georgianna Contiguglia
Brian and Kathy Dolan
El Pomar Foundation
Mira Fine
Fransen Pittman
GE Johnson
Terry and Mary Beth Gorrell
Peter and Rhondda Grant & The Peter and Rhondda Fund
John and Bridget Grier
Institute for Museum and Library Services
Janet and Reynold Kalstrom
Chris Murata
Carla McConnell
National Endowment for the Humanities
Ingeborg Ratcliff
Saunders Construction
Taylor and Kasja Swallow
Bill and Marlene Wenk
Mike and Etta West

Capital Campaign Components

$1 Million- Enhance the Treasure

Since opening more than 2 million people have visited Molly Brown House Museum, a huge number for a structure built as a single family home. After forty years, significant restoration work on the 124-year-old house is now necessary. Exterior and interior upgrades will allow the Museum to continue to serve as a “must-see” Denver attraction and allow the organization to reach new and culturally diverse audiences for generations to come.

Restore the Museum
The Molly Brown House sets the bar for quality restoration. The campaign will fund the restoration of the iconic front porch, exterior masonry restoration and cleaning, window rehabilitation and the addition of storm windows, wood floor rehabilitation, rehabilitation of the stained glass windows, and more.

Safeguard the Collections
The Museum’s collection consists of 10,000 artifacts currently stored in closets, underneath beds, and in the basement. Funds from the campaign will contribute to renting secure offsite storage that will properly house these cultural treasures.

Create New Education & Interpretation Spaces
With the Museum collection stored offsite, the Museum basement can be repurposed to create interactive gathering space and education center where visitors and school groups can engage in educational programs. The offsite storage will also enable the Museum’s currently restricted third floor to be opened and used as additional interpretive space to explore the lives of the home’s less visible historic inhabitants, the servants.

Enhance Accessibility & Visitor Amenities
A new wheelchair accessible lift will be installed in the south east corner of the historic house and significantly expand access to the historic home’s first floor and newly renovated basement. The basement will also include two new family-restrooms, a reception area and storage space for visitor’s to leave backpacks, purses, etc.

$500,000- Create the Action Fund to Engage New Ideas & Actions

Historic Denver has been the leading organization dedicated to those who love the city for 45 years. It is now time to inspire new audiences through education and engagement to garner greater grassroots support from a broader cross-section of the community, bolster advocacy efforts, and expand our impact. The campaign will provide the first five years of support to:

Invest in Proactive Partnerships
Through the Action Fund Historic Denver will set aside funds to invest in creative projects with community groups to promote historic character. Historic Denver will provide staff and financial support for the creation of new conservation districts, neighborhood planning initiatives, and efforts springing from the citywide survey project, Discover Denver. One to three objective-driven efforts will be selected each year through a competitive selection process. The first round of applications for this program were due September 1, 2015.

Launch a Tour Program
Trained volunteer docents will provide regular downtown and neighborhood tours to engage visitors and locals with the places that make Denver unique. This will increase public awareness of the city’s history, cultivate new advocates, and provide a critical revenue stream. Tours will be offered multiple times each week from May to October each year.

Sponsor an Annual Design Competition
Historic Denver will launch an annual competition open to high school students, graduate students, and design professionals to inspire creative thinking about how we integrate historic places into Denver in the 21st century and beyond.

$500,000- Grow the Legacy Fund

In order to secure the organization’s legacy, plan for long-term capital needs and prepare for periods of economic uncertainty, reserve funds will be set aside, invested and restricted. A set of policies and board procedures will govern the expenditure of these funds for specific and limited purposes:

On-Going Capital Support of the Molly Brown House Museum
Reserve funds will be available for on-going capital projects to maintain the Museum. These funds make pro-active maintenance possible even in lean years, and protect against major capital crises or the undesirable deferral of importance projects. These funds ensure Historic Denver is always positioned to exercise the highest level of stewardship for its historic landmark.

Easement Protection
Historic Denver holds more than 60 preservation easements and it is the organization’s responsibility to ensure their proper care for the benefit of the community. In the event the organization must intervene through legal channels or direct restoration work, a portion of the Legacy Funds will be released by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees.

Preservation Programming
Once the Legacy Fund has reached the $500,000 goal, a portion of the annual disbursement will be assigned for targeted preservation projects, especially financial and technical assistance for community groups seeking to complete preservation projects. Selecting the use of the funds will be the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.