Did you know?

Urban legend holds that a tunnel once connected The Brown Palace Hotel with the historic Navarre building across the street. It is rumored that gentlemen staying at the hotel traveled discreetly by rail car through the tunnel to the Navarre, a one-time house of gambling and prostitution.

Staff Directory

Executive Director, Annie Levinsky
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Director of Preservation Programs, John Olson
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Director of Discover Denver, Beth Glandon
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Outreach and Tour Coordinator, Shannon Schaefer
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Preservation and Research Coordinator, Becca Dierschow
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Development Associate, Sigri Strand
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The Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum Director, Andrea Malcomb
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Molly Brown House Museum Volunteer and Event Coordinator, Kim Popetz
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Molly Brown House Museum Curator of Collections
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Molly Brown House Museum Visitor Services Coordinator, Aileen Waski
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Molly Brown House Museum Director of Education, Jamie Wilms
(303) 832-4092 ext. 17, jwilms@mollybrown.org

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